Pilgrim Credential

The Credential certifies the status of “pilgrim” Pilgrim is the one who goes to a place of Christian worship, with the intention to strengthen their faith and wants to make an important human and spiritual experience. The Credential committed the applicant to a respectful behavior towards those who provide hospitality and to those
he meets along the way. It grants access to the “Hostels”, shelters for pilgrims; it allows to obtain benefits where there is an agreement between operator and
Association Via Romea Germanica. The Credential shows the place and date of departure and the place and date of arrival, the stamps of the encountered resorts and hospitality facilities, demonstrating the path you travel. And it is a valid document to obtain a certificate at the end of the pilgrimage: the “Testimonium” once you arrive in Rome. It can only be used by those who make the pilgrimage on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. This document is issued by the Association “Via Romea Germanica” by the Postal Service, at the request of the pilgrim to the email  credenziale@guidaromea.eu

Our Credential is numbered, staff and registered.
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How to obtain the Pilgrim Credential

The Via Romea Credential can be requested by email to: credenziale@guidaromea.eu, indicating:

  1. The name(s) of the pilgrim(s)
  2. If you are travelling on foot or by bicycle
  3. The place from which you intend to depart
  4. L’indirizzo al quale inviare la credenziale

The Credential will be sent free of charge through the Italian Postal Service.
NOTE: The Credential will be enclosed with the list of “Friends of the Via Romea Germanica” who on site can give explanations and assistance to pilgrims