After the weather events that occurred in Romagna in May 2023, creating serious problems in the plains (floods) and in the hills (landslides and mudslides) there were serious problems for the road system, both state, provincial and municipal. But the Paths also had their own problems that are being worked on, mainly thanks to municipalities, associations and private individuals.
The Ravennate area was fixed soon by the Emilia-Romagna Region’s Safety and Civil Protection offices. The embankment of the Ronco-Bidente River has been totally rebuilt by the same Regional Offices; the paths that are used by the pilgrims-walkers of the Via Romea and by the many and many local people and families who traveled them daily, on foot, by bicycle, with their dog friends, etc., etc., remain to be fixed.
In the hills, the Via Romea has provided “local variants” to get around some landslides; others have been fixed. Some, on the other hand, are passable with caution while waiting for complete repair. We sincerely thank all those who worked to restore the area.
It is important for the “tourist development” of our hilly , mountainous and inland areas that the trails are usable and that tourists are not frightened by the real or supposed difficulties. That is why it would be necessary for those in charge of ” tourism”(regional competence) to also help associations and municipalities to re-establish these connections.