Nuovo progetto (5)

An important conference organized by the City of Rome in view of the Jubilee of 2025 was held in the Capitol Hall in Rome. The main Routes leading to Rome were invited to give suggestions and for an effective discussion.
This followed the signing of an agreement between the Via Francigena, the Via Romea Strata and the Via Romea Germanica, which on September 11, 2021 also had the blessing of H.E.Card. Parolin.
We presented proposals made by pilgrims who in the past year have arrived in Rome with our Credential. The “questionnaire” had been prepared together with Prof. Manella of the Department of Sociology and Economics of the University of Bologna. VRG ensured that the City of Rome and the important personalities who intervened made the greatest possible contribution. We will also rely on the experience of VRG pilgrims in the near future.