Signs on the Via Romea

The Association favours the use of small, adhesive or metal signs, which are inconspicuous but still visible to walkers

Type and shape of signs:

  1. Stickers, containing the VIA ROMEA logo, size 10×10 cm, accompanied by the orange arrow, size 6×10 cm (photos 1 and 2)
  2. Metallic (D-Bond), size 10×15 cm, including both logo and arrow (photo 3)
  3. Forex, size 15×15 cm, including both arrow and logo (photo 4).

Photo 1

Adhesive sign 10x10 cm with QR Code

Photo 2

Adhesive sign 6x10 cm arrow

Photo 3

D-Bond sign 10x15 cm

Photo 4

Forex sign 15x15 cm

(a) and (b) are divided into:

  1. Signs used for the direction Rome (north-south) (photos 1-2-3)
  2. Signs used for the Stade direction (south-north) (photo 5)
  3. Signs used for variants or connections (single direction north-south) (photo 6)

Photo 5

South-North direction signs 15x10, 10x10, 6x10 cm

Photo 6

Variant Signs 10x10, 15x10, 6x10 cm

Why several signs:

  1. They are the usual ones, with the logo ‘stick on blue field and red frame’ with the inscription VIA ROMEA (or also VIA ROMEA GERMANICA). To be used for the north-south direction
  2. These are the ones to indicate the south-north direction. They are identical to the former but have a yellow diagonal band
  3. They are those to be used in the agreed variants. These are few and well justified. The classic route is only one. There are some ‘historical’ variants such as ‘La Verna’, ‘Civitella- Bagno di Romagna’, ‘Castiglione del Lago’, ‘Cervia’. Note: the orange arrow is always the same, both as a sticker and as metal.