1. Brennero – Vipiteno

The first stage of the Via Romea Germanica in Italy is short and easy, mostly downhill. The peaks of the Dolomites overlook us; in front of us the verdant slopes with cultivated fields, small hamlets, alpine churches. In the background, the Isarco valley.

You may start  either from the Italy-Austria border or from the Brenner railway station. As soon as you leave the station, you follow the signs for the foot and cycle path for Vipiteno, which starts behind the Church of San Valentino and retraces the route of the ancient railway. After a few kilometers you will find the Terme del Brennero/Brennerbad. Then there are 2 tunnels, the old toll booths and the Ponticolo station; you arrive at the end of the footpath and cycle path and go down towards Colle Isarco/Gossensass which you can see below. (cyclists, at the second hairpin bend, take the cycle path to Ibsenplatz; they pass under the railway, pass Gattern, take Via Pflersch, cross Colle Isarco and continue on Via Faber; they pass under the motorway and continue along the railway up to Novale. They resume by making a part of the SS12 / Brennerstrasse and arrive directly in Vipiteno) In Colle Isarco there is the cemetery. After visiting the Chapel of S. Barbara, go down the miners’ stairway. You arrive on the Brennero state road; you pass under the highway. Path no. 21 leads to a beautiful coniferous forest. Leaving the woods you arrive at Castel Strasberg. Descend to the small agricultural village of Novale di Sopra walking through meadows and various crops. After various paths you arrive in sight of Vipiteno. Going down towards the railway, which you follow for a while, you pass under it, cross the Isarco river and arrive in the main square of Vipiteno, under the Torre delle Dodici/Zwölferturm.

  • From Airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Verona FS Railway Station
  • Verona FS Railway Station – Brenner FS Railway Station
  • Trenitalia
  • Bolzano FS Railway Station – Brenner FS Railway Station
  • Suedtirol info


Via S.Valentino,30 – 39041 BRENNERO-BZ


Strada Statale Abetone – 39041 BRENNERO-BZ


Via Stazione,37 – 39040 VAL DI VIZZE-BZ

Bike rental at Brennero

Via San Valentino,9/a – 39041 BRENNERO-BZ


Bike rental at Vipiteno

Via Brennero,14 – 39049 VIPITENO-BZ


Rad Sport Freund

Via Dante,3 – 39049 VIPITENO-BZ


Bauer Walter

Via della Frana,5 – 39049 VIPITENO-BZ


M2 Bike M2 Design

Via Novale,39 – 39049 VIPITENO-BZ


CAI Alto Adige

Viale Europa 53/F – 39100 BOLZANO

0471 402144 - segreteria@caialtoadige.it

CAI Brennero

via S.Valentino,25 – 39041 BRENNERO-BZ

0472-631189 / 339-7279247 - milorbrennero@virgilio.it

Associazione turistica di Colle Isarco

Piazza Ibsen, 2 – 39041 COLLE ISARCO-BZ

0472-632372 - info@gossensass.org

Associazione Turistica Vipiteno

Piazza Città 3 – 39049 VIPITENO-BZ

0472-765325 - info@infosterzing.com

Portale Turismo Alto Adige

0471 402 144 - info@suedtirol.info

Consorzio Turistico Valle Isarco

Bastioni Maggiori 26A -39042 BRESSANONE-BZ

0472-802232 - info@valleisarco.info

Place of Departure
Place of Arrival
Length - KM
Trentino Alto Adige
Uphill Gap
189 m
Downhill Gap
602 m
CAI (Diff.Escurs.)