5. Collalbo – Bolzano

Short but spectacular stage, with few ascent points and many descent points. The beauty of the Earth Pyramids, the churches, the farms, the lakes are a spectacle. From the Renon plateau you can admire the high peaks of the Dolomites. You can go down to Bolzano using the Soprabolzano cable car, avoiding a rather demanding descent. In Collalbo you start from the Renon train station and then take path 35 (or Freud Promenade). A very nice and comfortable route. You reach the Haus Der Familie institute. Shortly after there is the possibility of arriving at Lake Costalovara; but the route follows trail 35 or Freud Promenade. On the left a beautiful wood and on the right large meadows; straight ahead you arrive at the railway and the crossroads with Via Costalovara. Following the tracks you will find Soprabolzano, the Renon train station. A few meters further on is the cable car to Bolzano, very convenient for reaching the capital, especially if you don’t want to face the long descent. Nodal point is the Hotel Post Victoria. (In fact, after the Hotel Post Victoria, cyclists and those who are not interested in the phenomenon of the Earth Pyramids and prefer an easier and less dangerous route, especially in case of bad weather, take Via Maria Assunta (CAI path 2), a panoramic road without traffic that descends into the forest for 7 km, then continues for 3 km on Via Santa Maddalena di Sopra up to Bolzano). Otherwise, take Via della Piscina which leads us to take, steeply downhill, the paved path for the Earth Pyramids, which is slightly off the main route of Via Romea. Going back, we go towards the Church of San Giacomo. Then take path 6: the long descent begins. After a paved stretch, again on the path (Sentiero del Castagno – Keschtnweg); another stretch of asphalt and then take path 2A. Then you meet the CAI 2 path; take the Promenade Sant’Osvaldo, a path equipped for walks outside the city. From there you follow the roads that lead to Piazza del Municipio in the center of Bolzano.

  • From airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) To Verona FS Railway Station
  • Verona FS Railway Station – Bolzano FS Railway Station
  • Sito
  • Bolzano FS Railway – Collabo Railway
  • Sito

Bar Stuzzicheria La Casa di Jo

Via Piè di Virgolo,4 – 39100 BOLZANO

327-5625009 - stuzzicherialacasadijo@gmail.com

Cavallino Bianco

Via Bottai,6 – 39100 BOLZANO


Al Cavaliere Zum Ritter

Via A.Hofer Str,24 – 39100 BOLZANO

0471-300637 - dinamite02@hotmail.it

Soggiorno Alpino ANA

Costalovara,30 – 39054 RENON-BZ

0471-285771 - ana.costalovara@alice.it

Youth Hostel

Via Renon 23 – 39100 BOLZANO

0471-300865 - bolzano@ostello.bz

Soggiorno Alpino ANA

Costalovara,30 – 39045 RENON-BZ

0471-285771 - ana.costalovara@alice.it

Rosengarten Rooms

via Catinaccio 1 – 39100 BOLZANO

340-0034065 - info@rosengartenbz.com

Hotel Latemar

via della Chiesa 1, 39054 SOPRABOLZANO- BZ

0471-345286 - info@hotel-latemar.net

Noleggio Bici – Stazione Fiera – Bolzano Sud

Via Marco Polo – Stazione Sud – 39100 BOLZANO


Rewel Bikes

Via Rencio,46 – 39100 BOLZANO


Radsport Klammer & C.

Via Rencio,95 – 39100 BOLZANO


Camin G.M.B.H.

Via E.Ferrari,5 – 39100 BOLZANO


Cicli Balduzzi

Via San Quirino,13/a – 39100 BOLZANO


Engl Zweirad

Via Cavour,20 – 39100 BOLZANO


Fusari Cicli

Via Firenze,2 – 39100 BOLZANO

0471-2730363; 0471-201500

Kiklos Cicli

Via Sassari,17/a – 39100 BOLZANO


Nrg Bike

Viale Druso,102 – 39100 BOLZANO


Zago Cicli

Via Resia,97 – 39100 BOLZANO


Zanolini Bike Professional

Via Dalmazia,17 – 39100 BOLZANO


Azienda di Soggiorno e Turismo

Via Alto Adige, 60- 39100 BOLZANO

0471 307000 - info@bolzano-bozen.it

CAI Alto Adige

Viale Europa 53/F 39100 BOLZANO

0471 402 144 - segreteria@caialtoadige.it

Portale Turismo Alto Adige

0471 402 144 - info@suedtirol.info

CAI Bolzano

Piazza delle Erbe, 46 – 39100 BOLZANO

0471 978 172 - info@caibolzano.it

Place of Departure
Place of Arrival
Length - KM
Trentino Alto Adige
Uphill Gap
234 m
Downhill Gap
1.160 m
CAI (Diff.Escurs.)