Ficulle – Orvieto

The stage is of medium difficulty. We look for passage on less busy roads. The entrance to Orvieto takes place along the SP 44, so you need to be careful and walk on the quay.

The next destination is Orvieto; go south on the SS 71 and then take the SP 51 (ancient Cassia), until you get to the SP 48.

VARIANT: alternatively continue on the SS 71 and on Via Amelia. In front of it opens the “Via dei Vigneti” (Vineyards road), a remarkable example of modern agriculture. You can visit the Vitalonga dei Maravalle winery, with its “medieval gardens” for the protection of ancient varieties, and also stop to taste local wines and flavours; continuing on the Elcione road, caves are visible which bear witness to the rural presence of the ancient Etruscan civilization. After 5 km you arrive on the SP 48.

WORTH VISIT: once you arrive at the SP 48 you will find La Sala with its beautiful castle, the parish center and – not far away – the Antinori cellar, worthy of a visit for the environmentally friendly technologies used for winemaking.

Continuing on the ancient route, now little more than a cart track, you reach Osteria, an ancient stopping point on the Cassia, today a farmhouse. After the motorway, passing under the railway tunnel, you arrive at Allerona Scalo (a hamlet located about 7 km from the town of Allerona, located on a hill). Taking the direction of Orvieto, you pass the Paglia and reach the ruins of Ponte Giulio (from the Roman era and rebuilt by Pope Julius II, destroyed by the floods of the Paglia and then never rebuilt). After the bridge, you return to the SP 44, then you reach Sferracavallo. Orvieto is in front, the figure of the Duomo stands out; soon you reach the center of the city.

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Typical Dishes

Typical Dishes

Typical Dishes


Corso Rinascita – 05016 FICULLE-TR


Via Orvieto,56 – 05011 ALLERONA SCALO-TR


Via Buonarroti,1 – 05016 FICULLE-TR

Hotel “Oasi dei Discepoli”

Via Piave, 12 – Sferracavallo – 05018 ORVIETO E’ a 3,00 km prima del centro di Orvieto, sulla Via Romea

0763-342754 -

Ristorante Il Malandrino

Via Garibaldi, 20 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

0763-344315 / 328-9727472 -;

Ristorante Le Querce

Via Scalo Merci,6 – 05011 ALLERONA SCALO-TR

0763-624012/ 320-2477069 -

Agriturismo Cioccoleta

Loc. Bardano,34 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

0763-316011 / 349-8609780 -

Struttura Cattolica – Istituto San Lodovico

Piazza De Ranieri,5 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

0763-341739 -;

Hotel “Oasi dei Discepoli”

Via Piave, 12 – Sferracavallo – 05018 ORVIETO E’ a 3,00 km prima del centro di Orvieto, sulla Via Romea

0763-342754 -

B&B Michelangeli

Via Saracinelli,22 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

0763-393862 / 347-0890349 -

Casa Vacanze Suore Domenicane

Via del Popolo,1 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

0763-342910 -

Agriturismo Cioccoleta

Loc. Bardano,34 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

0763-316011 / 349-8609780 -

EUROSPORT di Soccolini Andrea

Corso Cavour,353 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR


Frizza Paolo

Strada dell’Arcone,13 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR


Perali Pietro

Via del Duomo,9 -05018 ORVIETO-TR



Piazza della Repubblica,10 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR


Riccardo Calderini

Località Ponte del Sole,37 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

329-2588604 -

Ufficio Turistico Orvieto

piazza Duomo, 24 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

0763/341772 -


Via Garibaldi, 8 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

0763 3061

Associazione ACQUA (guide, musei, archeologia)

Via Marconi,2 , 05010 PORANO-TR

329-0706607 / 328-5430394 (Pacioni) -


Via S. Angelo 58 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

347-8289424 -biondi -

EffegiViaggi-Tour Operator

Via Garibaldi,7 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

0763-344666 -
Place of Departure
Place of Arrival
Length - KM
Uphill Gap
290 m
Downhill Gap
420 m
CAI (Diff.Escurs.)