46. La Storta – Roma

It is a short stage but with its own difficulties due to the fact that it first has to cross an extremely anthropised area, then the metropolis Rome, hence the prevalence of an asphalt route. But it is the last stage and therefore the most evocative and emotionally charged.

From the Sacri Cuori di Gesù e Maria we ride along the Cassia, paying close attention to the traffic. After La Giustiniana, we travel along the Cassia again, as far as Rome’s Grande Raccordo Anulare. You then enter the Riserva naturale dell’Insugherata; the city seems far away and the environment is beautiful and interesting from all points of view. From here you can follow two different tracks to reach St. Peter’s Square.

FIRST TRACK (from Monte Mario): turn left to reach Via Trionfale and then climb up Monte Mario to the astronomical observatory. Your gaze can finally embrace Rome and St Peter’s in particular. After descending Monte Mario, crossing the Clodia ring road and then Viale Angelico, we reach the Porticato di San Pietro. This section is 10.3 km long.

SECOND TRACK (of Monte Ciocci) which is also practicable by bicycle. Leaving the Insugherata Park, we reach the Monte Mario railway station where the cycle/pedestrian path awaits us. We follow the beautiful track, rigorously always occupying the part reserved for pedestrians up to Monte Ciocci, from where we can admire St Peter’s, the Vatican and all of Rome. One descends from the hill along the winding road, if by bike, or using the steep steps, if on foot. Then the Vatican walls and finally the Porticato di San Pietro. This section is 9.2 km long.

  • Rome-Ciampino Airport
  • Tiburtina/Termini/Ostiense railway station - La Storta railway station
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  • Shuttle FS Fiumicino Station + FS Termini Station
  • Shuttle Railway Station Ciampino + Railway Station Termini; Rome-Fiumicino
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Typical Dishes

Typical Dishes

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Place of Departure
La Storta
Place of Arrival
Length - KM
Uphill Gap
200 m
Downhill Gap
340 m
CAI (Diff.Escurs.)