10. Levico Terme – Borgo Valsugana

The stage is easy and will follow the Brenta cycle path. For those who love art linked to the environment, a visit to Arte Sella is recommended, which can be reached after a long climb.

From Levico follow the Via Regia (Via Claudia Augusta); after crossing the provincial road, take Via Cervia up to the Brenta cycle path. After a while you can take a parallel road, with a more interesting landscape and no traffic. You pass in front of the little church of San Silvestro, go along the railway and then take the cycle path that crosses the river and follows it on the left bank; then returns to the right bank; you enter a beautiful wood; the railway is underpassed. You enter the center of Borgo Valsugana in Piazza Alcide De Gasperi.

CONNECTION FOR ARTE SELLA (further 6.5 km): once you get off Levico, you go towards the hamlet of Barco. At the crossroads with the cycle path, cross the Brenta and follow the signs for Località Rio Sella which you pass; the climb begins in an increasingly fascinating landscape. It’s 4.5 km, but at the top there will be a beautiful landscape of forests and meadows, and you will be able to visit the works of many artists from all over the world who have used and only use materials found locally; there is also a very efficient refreshment point available. From Sella you return to Borgo Valsugana following the road, almost always paved but with no traffic, with the possibility of various small detours in the woods to see the works of art. 12.5 km and we are in Borgo Valsugana

  • From airport (BOLOGNA, VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Padova FS Railway Station
  • Padova FS Railway Station – Borgo FS Railway Station;
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  • Trento FS Railway Station – Borgo FS Railway Station — Linea Valsugana -Trento
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Ostello Borgo

via Piccola – 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA-TN

335 5735727 – 0461 753836 – 347 3021050 - info@valsuganasport.it

Ristorante San Giorgio

via Fratelli Divina,6 – 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA-TN

0461-753693 - info@ristorante-san-giorgio.it

Ritrovo Dei Sapori

piazza Martiri Resistenza,12 – 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA-TN

0461-757125 - ritrovodeisapori@gmail.com

Ostello Borgo

via Piccola – 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA-TN

335 5735727 – 0461 753836 – 347 3021050 - info@valsuganasport.it

Casa Gabriella

piazza Municipio,10 – 38050 CASTELNUOVO-TN

0461-753436 - info@casagabriella-valsugana.it- Convenzione

B&B Il Piagaro

Località Piagaro,1 – 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA-TN

392-5095692 - info@piagaro.it

B&B La Villa degli Orti

via per Torcegno – 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA-TN

0461-754194; 366-8952892 - info@lavilladegliorti.it

B&B Al Gatto Nero

Via Mazzini, 6 – 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA-TN

340-9246088 - bb.algattonero@gmail.com

Locanda In Borgo Garnì & Wellness

Corso Ausugum,90 – 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA-TN

0461-757103 - info@locandainborgo.it

Camping Agritur Montibeller

Via Prose, 1, 38050 RONCEGNO-TN

0461 764355 - info@agriturmontibeller.it


Viale Città di Prato,29 – 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA-TN


Ufficio Turistico Borgo Valsugana

Piazza De Gasperi – 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA-TN

0461 727740 - borgovalsugana@visitvalsugana.it

Place of Departure
Levico Terme
Place of Arrival
Borgo Valsugana
Length - KM
Trentino Alto Adige
Uphill Gap
25 m/765 m
Downhill Gap
128 m/880 m
CAI (Diff.Escurs.)