39. Orvieto – Lubriano/Civita di Bagnoregio

Orvieto-Lubriano-Civita Bagnoregio. – The path of the Via Romea towards Rome starts from Orvieto to reach Porano and then Lubriano and Civita Bagnoregio. From there we will then go to Montefiascone where the Via Romea Germanica joins the Via Francigena.

You can leave Orvieto through Porta Romana and go towards the Arcone. From there on a nice climb, with a cobblestone ground, you arrive at the Capuchin convent and continue up to a flat stretch. Orvieto gives a good show of itself from above; nearby there are Etruscan tombs. Climb up to Castel Rubello and then arrive in Porano. Once in front of the Rubello Castle, it is worth entering and crossing its internal courtyards to admire the medieval architectural structure, as well as the historic center of Porano with its imposing tuff walls. From Porano you enter Lazio through a track in the middle of a countryside in an environmentally suggestive plateau, in the greatest tranquility; then once in Lubriano, you can admire the church and the historic center. It is located on the slopes of a very deep ravine; on the other side of the calanco is Civita Bagnoregio. To go to Civita Bagnoregio, before starting, it is necessary to inquire about the state of the path that descends. Civita is on an ancient tuff spur very similar to the one where Lubriano stands. This is the most fascinating and well-traced path over time, but it is not always passable due to the continuous landslides. In this case, it is necessary to be accompanied by a local guide, under penalty of renouncing the descent and relative ascent to Civita. In this case you have to take the provincial road, asphalted, starting from the Town Hall of Lubriano.

  • From airport (ROMA CIAMPINO, ROMA FIUMICINO) to Roma/Termini FS Railway Station
  • Roma FS Railway Station – Orvieto FS Railway Station
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Typical Dishes

Typical Dishes

Typical Dishes


Via Marconi,13 – 05010 PORANO


Via Tevere,29 – 05018 SFERRACAVALLO-TR


Via Ombrone,3 – 05018 ORVIETO-TR


Via dei Merciari, Fontanelle Bardano – 05018 ORVIETO-TR

La Taverna

Via Nazionale,1 – 01020 LUBRIANO-VT

0761 1892568

Palazzo Monaldeschi

P.za S. Giobatta, 1 – 01020 LUBRIANO-VT

0761 780641 - info@monaldeschi.it

B&B La Loggetta

Via Roma 33 – 01022 BAGNOREGIO-VT

0761-792328 / 333 6815546 - laloggettabagnoregio@gmail.com- Convenzione

B&B Casa delle Erbe

Via Cunicchio,30 – 05010 PORANO-TR

333-3857653 / 338-8845499 - maurazamola@gmail.com- Convenzione

B&B A Casa di Anna

Piazza di Porta di Valle,10 – 01022-BAGNOREGIO VT

347-0463374 / 333-8723739 / 0761-792930 - annamaria.gentili1957@gmail.com- Convenzione

Il Castello di Sarmugnano


327-7094971 - ilcastellodisermugnano@gmail.com- Convenzione

B&b – Da Barbara

Via XXV Aprile, 28 – 01020 LUBRIANO-VT


Palazzo Monaldeschi

P.za S. Giobatta, 1 – 01020 LUBRIANO-VT

0761 780641 - info@monaldeschi.it

B&B Antico Molino

S.Caterina,18 – 01020 LUBRIANO-VT

339-8249354 - anticomolinobb@gmail.com

Biciclette Agnese

Via A.Diaz,50 – 01022 BAGNOREGIO-VT

0761-792611 / 320-2404432

Pietro Labate – Guida Autorizzata

Via delle Monache, 3 – 01100 VITERBO

349-4409855 - pietrusco@thesantrekking.it

Associazione ACQUA (guide, musei, archeologia)

Via Marconi,2 , 05010 PORANO-TR

329-0706607 / 328-5430394 (Pacioni) - associazioneacqua@libero.it

Zamola Maura – Guida Turistica per Umbria e Viterbo

Via Cunicchio,30 – 05010 PORANO-TR

333-3857653 / 338-8845499 - maurazamola@gmail.com

Comune di Lubriano – Sindaco

Viale I Maggio, 6 – 01020 LUBRIANO-VT

329-3442678 - sindaco@comune.lubriano.vt.it

Place of Departure
Place of Arrival
Length - KM
Uphill Gap
620 m
Downhill Gap
510 m
CAI (Diff.Escurs.)