24a. Ravenna – Cervia

Here begins a connection that involves three stages, leading to the sea. A Via Romea also passed through Cervia-Pisignano, which connected Venice, Ravenna, Cesena, the Savio Valley and Bagno di Romagna. But it does not fit into the descriptions of Monk Albert in the Annales Stadenses. The Romagna coast which is so loved in Italy and abroad; Cervia is a pearl. It is an easy stage, which runs through the pine forests of Ravenna to reach the port and salt pans of Cervia. After leaving Ravenna, cross the pedestrian walkway and take Via Romea Sud; after a few meters you come across the remains of the Port of Classe and further on the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe. Then, through various minor and intersecting roads, you reach the Scolo Acquara Bassa canal and then enter the pine forest. Once you reach Fosso Ghiaia, cross the canal and then go straight on. You do not cross the Bevano river. After a few kilometers you flank a canal where there is a lifting system. You then reach Lido di Classe. From here, going straight along the coast you will arrive in Cervia. Therefore, beyond the Savio river you reach Lido di Savio. Once crossed, you pass over the Scolo Cupa. Then the large avenues of Milano Marittima lead to the Canal Port of Cervia. On the other side of the port there are the Magazzini del Sale and then Piazza Garibaldi in front of the church and the town hall. In total we covered 26 km.

Place of Departure
Place of Arrival
Length - KM
Emilia Romagna
Uphill Gap
8 m
Downhill Gap
7 m
CAI (Diff.Escurs.)