Ravenna – Forlì

The Ravenna-Forlì connection takes place on the right bank of the Ronco river: comfortable, naturalistic, completely pedestrianised. The stage is long but easy to walk. On the border between Ravenna and Forlì you can choose two routes: two possibilities both very appreciable. A historic one, which enters the city, passes through San Martino (san Martinen in Strate del Monaco Alberto) and one that follows the right bank of the Ronco and arrives at the Terme di Fratta.

Exit Ravenna towards Via Cesarea, Via Romea, then Via Dismano (SR 71. Note that the SS71 runs through Romagna, Tuscany and Umbria). Upon reaching the bridge over the Fiumi Uniti, take the cycle path alongside Then we go up the clay embankment, which we will skirt up to Forlì.

TO VISIT: before taking the embankment, not far away are the archaeological excavations of the Port of Classe and the ancient Basilica of S. Apollinare in Classe.

Walking on the embankment you come across the confluence of the Montone river with the Ronco. Then the SS 16 Adriatica is underpassed. The road on the embankment is narrow but with limited traffic so there are no problems: it is paved but you can walk on the grassy bank. This is an agricultural area of ​​some importance. You come across the ruins of the Church of S. Bartolo and then various towns, the first of which is Ghibullo, then Gambellara and San Pietro in Vincoli. Then you meet Coccolia and Borgo Sisa. From the Adriatic road to Borgo Sisa there are 15.2 km of embankment. At Borgo Sisa, take the concrete walkway that crosses both the Ronco river and the SS67 Ravegnana. Here the traffic is very fast and intense: you need to be very careful. Taking via Oraziana, the route follows country roads, crossing the A14 motorway and arriving near the town. Going straight on Via Ravegnana you enter Forlì through the old city gate, now Porta Mazzini. Further on, the center with Piazza Saffi, the Town Hall, the abbey of S. Mercuriale. From here, with the next stage, you will arrive in Meldola.

VARIANT FOR RONCO: from Borgo Sisa take the route that runs alongside the city of Forlì, going directly to the hamlet of Ronco. After Borgo Sisa there is Bagnolo. Cross the SP2 Cervese and taking country roads along the river, you reach the Sanctuary of Fornò. It is a half agricultural and half industrial area. Thus we come to cross the SS9 Emilia. Nearby there is the church, with the possibility of accommodation. The center of Forlì is 4 km away along the same Via Emilia, which takes the name of Viale Roma. From the hamlet of Ronco, in the Ronco Lido area, following the embankment, you reach Fratta Terme and then Meldola. This variant is 9.7 km. On the main route, the distance between Borgo Sisa and Ronco is 13.5 km.

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Via Achille Grandi,2 – 48123 RAVENNA

- Convenzione


Via Cesarea/Serra – 48100 RAVENNA


Viale Kennedy,28 – 48100 RAVENNA


Via Romea Sud,45 – 48100 RAVENNA


Via Farini,89 – 48100 SAN PIETRO IN VINCOLI-RA


Via Oriani, 2 – 48019 RAVENNA


Via Cervese 5385 – 47023 FORLI’


Via dei Poggi, 58 – 48100 RAVENNA



Via A.Grandi,30 – 48100 RAVENNA



Rotonda dei Goti, 1 – 48100 RAVENNA


Via Romea,120 – 48124 RAVENNA


Hotel Marta

Via Cignani,11 – 47122 FORLI’

0543-28288 - info@hotelmartaforli.it

Hotel Gardenia

via Mellini 7 – 47121 FORLI’

0543-402144 / 331-2190318 - info@gardeniahotel.eu

Ospitalità Pellegrina

Parrocchia – 47122 RONCO -FORLI’

347-1725622 - parrocchia.sgiovannibattista@gmail.com- Convenzione

Agriturismo La Lenticchia

Via Maglianella,12 – Magliano – 47121 FORLI’

328-1887248 / 349-7773907 - agriturismo@lalenticchia.net- Convenzione

B&B Terrazza sugli Ulivi

via Fratelli Zannetti 36 – 47121 FORLI’

0543-782217 / 329-6707752 - terrazzasugliulivi@gmail.com- Convenzione

B&B 3 Punto Zero

via Ulpiano,1 47122 FORLI’

334-9839029 - bb3puntozero@gmail.com- Convenzione

B&B Tramontodivino

via Angaia, 8,1 48125 RAVENNA

338-1449471 - info@bbtramontodivino.it- Convenzione

Hotel Gardenia

via Mellini 7 – 47121 FORLI’

0543-402144 / 331-2190318 - info@gardeniahotel.eu

Hotel Marta

Via Cignani,11 – 47122 FORLI’

0543-28288 - info@hotelmartaforli.it

Rosaspina Rooms

Via Borghetto Giardino,5 – 47121 FORLI’

348-9050346 / 347-8805257 - rosaspinarooms@gmail.com

Alloggi Casa a Colori

via Focaccia 7 – 47121 FORLI’

0543-371097 / 347-1833340 - info@casacoloriforli.it


Via T.Baldoni,35 – 47122 FORLI’

0543-416891 / 335-8333212

Baldoni Bike Shop

Via G.P.Dandi,2 – 47121 FORLI’

0543-473030 - info@baldonibikeshop.com

Baldoni Augusto

Via A.Cicognani,11/c – 47121 FORLI’


Bravi Alberto

Corso G.Garibaldi,.331 – 47122 FORLI’



Via Ravegnana,29 – 47122 FORLI’


Servadei Furio Cicli

Piazza del Duomo,7 – 47122 FORLI’



CAI Forlì

V.le dell’Appennino 375 – 47121 – FORLI’

338 7601333 - info@caiforli.it

IAT Forlì

P.tta della Misura, 5 – 47122 FORLI’

0543-712435 - iat@comune.forli.fc.it

Morelli Marta – Guida Turistica

47122 FORLI’

347-5573996 - morelli-marta@libero.it

Lord Byron Tour Operator

Piazza Almerici,4 – 47521 CESENA FC

392-7189559 - giampaolobenelli@gmail.com; giada@byrontours.it

Place of Departure
Place of Arrival
Length - KM
Emilia Romagna
Uphill Gap
28 m
Downhill Gap
10 m
CAI (Diff.Escurs.)