Rovigo – Polesella

Short and easy stage; cross the Polesine. To admire the reclamation works, the large cultivated spaces, the wetlands with their vegetation and birdlife.

In Rovigo we start from the Cathedral. The route goes towards the Adigetto, and you have to cross the canal and to walk along the right bank. Taking the bridge you take the left bank of the canal. Go under the ring road and continue as far as San Sisto, in front of a chapel. Further on, cross the Adigetto and change embankments which you leave by taking Via Argine Destro Adigetto as far as Via della Conciliazione, where you continue, also crossing the SP 4 (pay attention to traffic). You cross a canal on an old brick bridge, then you reach Sant’Apollinare, a village with a beautiful church and refreshment facilities. This leads to the bridge that crosses the Canal Bianco. Following the Po Valley-Polesano collector, you come to Borgo where you can take advantage of a cycle path. You go in line crossing Pontecchio Polesine up to Guarda Veneta, just below the left bank of the Po. Climbing the steps, going up the river, there is Polesella, where it is possible to find refreshments and overnight stays.

  • From airport (VENEZIA, MILANO-ORIO, VERONA) to Padova FS Railway Station; from BOLOGNA to Rovigo FS Railway Station
  • Verona FS Railway Station- Rovigo FS Railway Station; Bologna FS Railway Station – Rovigo FS Railway Station; Venezia-Mestre FS Railway Station – Rovigo FS Railway Station
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Via Savonarola,92 – 45090 ROVIGO


Viale Porta Adige, 42 – 45100 ROVIGO


Via Porta Po,68 – 45100 ROVIGO


Corso del Popolo,91 – 45100 ROVIGO

Agriturismo I Quarti

via Kennedy 1290, 45030 GUARDA VENETA-RO

0425-98022 / 348-2258009 -;

Pizzeria da Sara

via Condotti,450 – 45038 POLESELLA-RO


Agriturismo I Quarti

via Kennedy 1290, 45030 GUARDA VENETA-RO

0425-98022 / 348-2258009 -;

Hotel I Laghetti Snc

Strada Statale 16, 640 – 45038 POLESELLA-RO

0425 444339 -

Torre del Po

via Novi,140 – 45030 GUARDA VENETA-RO

329-6326768 -

Parrocchia della Beata Vergine del Rosario

Via don Minzoni,180 45038 POLESELLA-RO


Gallian Giovanni

Corso A.Gramsci,24 – 45038 POLESELLA-RO


Uffici I.A.T. – Provincia di Rovigo

Viale della Pace, 5 – 45100 ROVIGO

0425 386290 -
Place of Departure
Place of Arrival
Length - KM
Uphill Gap
10 m
Downhill Gap
10 m
CAI (Diff.Escurs.)