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With a simple signature, you can help preserve and enhance the Via Romea Germanica, a heritage that combines history, culture and nature.
With your contribution you will be able to:

  • Preserving a unique historical and cultural heritage: The Via Romea Germanica is a thousand-year-old route that has seen pilgrims from all over Europe pass through. Help us preserve this treasure for future generations.
  • Promote sustainable tourism: Your support will allow us to improve the welcome of pilgrims and enhance the beauty of the territories crossed by the Via Romea Germanica.
  • Renovation of signs: Signs are essential to guarantee safety and correct direction for pilgrims and tourists.
  • Cycle route tracing: To promote sustainable tourism and make the route accessible to all bicycle lovers and encourage sustainable mobility
  • Maintenance of the paths: essential to guarantee the safety of the path
  • Installation of information panels: Along the way they can provide historical, cultural and practical information to walkers, enriching and facilitating their experience.
  • New guide development: New updated guide to help walkers plan their journey.
  • Promotion of the route: Part of the 5×1000 can be allocated to the promotion of the VRG to increase its visibility.
  • Educational and cultural projects: The contribution can also support initiatives that enhance the route from a cultural and educational point of view, such as workshops, exhibitions and meetings.

Choose the Via Romea Germanica for your 5×1000:

  • Tax code: 92079160401
  • Sign and write “Via Romea Germanica” in the “Choice for the destination of the 5 per thousand” box.

Every donation, even small, is precious to us!
Thanks to your support, the Via Romea Germanica will continue to be a place of meeting, growth and discovery for everyone.