The Via Romea Germanica supports the Orvieto Walking Marathon, organized by the ASD “MAJORANA TREKKING” APS of Orvieto, a member of the Via Romea Germanica!


On April 14, 2024, the first edition of the “Orvieto Walking Marathon” will inaugurate. This non-competitive walk will offer three different routes, allowing participants to explore the wonders of the Orvieto area, from the vineyards to the hills, up to the suggestive areas of Sugano and Rocca Ripesena.
The first route is the simplest and involves a 10KM route from the Ring of the Rupe to the Scalo. The intermediate one, 21km long, reaches the hills of Canale, crossing vineyards and olive groves and skirting the territory of Porano. Finally, the complete 42 km route takes participants to the Sugano and Rocca Ripesena areas, finally reaching Ponte Giulio. “We are very honored to support this event, which combines sport with the discovery of the territory, helping to enhance the VRG paths and Orvieto traditions.” Thus concludes President Foietta, reminding us with satisfaction that the Via Romea Germanica is not only a physical route, but also a virtual community of travelers and dreamers. And to stay updated on news and events, you can visit the official website and follow the official social channels Facebook and Instagram.

Orvieto Walking Marathon