The VRG expands in Romagna, the Interreligious Museum of Bertinoro joins the journey!


Another new entry among VRG members, the Interreligious Museum in Bertinoro, located halfway between Forlì and Cesena, offers a journey through monotheistic religions, from the Holy City of Jerusalem to the historical figures who marked the path of monotheism . Located in the ancient dungeons of the Bishop’s Fortress, the museum invites students and tourists to an immersive experience in history and faith. “The exhibition itinerary is divided into three sections – explains Mirko Pacioni, vice president of the VRG – The first is dedicated to the common aspects between Jews, Christians and Muslims, the second section explains how religions have created their specific identities, finally the third part of the museum is dedicated to the genesis and affirmation of monotheism. We are truly satisfied with this union in the name of dialogue and collaboration between two entities, the VRG and the Interreligious Museum, promoters of an intercultural dialogue aimed at enhancing the diversity and richness of these territories”.