Nuovo progetto (3)

The variant was necessary because the bridge crossing the Po at Polesella is difficult to reach because of long access ramps and, above all, there is a ban on pedestrians and cyclists crossing it, even behind the guard-rail.
The “historic” route remains on the right Po embankment (Emilia-Romagna; Municipalities of Ro, Francolino-Ferrara), but it is unsafe, at least until authorities make the bridge at Polesella safe to cross.
On the left embankment (Veneto; municipalities of Polesella, Canaro, Occhiobello) there is a very nice pedestrian and bicycle path, with some rest areas, and it reaches the bridge over the Po at Santa Maria Maddalena, after going under the railroad bridge.
The bridge is made of iron, it is level with no access ramps; on the two sides there are walkways (perdon and bicycle) of sufficient width for bikes and pedestrians to pass.
Then one enters the built-up area of Pontelagoscuro, on roads with sidewalks, little traffic and considerable stretches of proper bike path.
This leads to the walls of Ferrara and rejoins the “historic” route on Via Azzo Novello.
Signs of the route from Rome to Stade have also been placed.
The “historic” route has a length of 22.2 km (from Polesella Bridge to the center of Ferrara); the “variant” route is 24.2 km.
There are no height differences.